A dancer is created in the body, intellect, kinesthetic memory, imagination and emotions. Dance cannot be learned by reading a book. Janaki has learned both formally and informally, by precept and observation and actual performance, and her teachers include her gurus, senior members of the Kathak family, guru brothers and sisters, colleagues and dancers with whom she has been privileged to perform. Paying tribute to her Kathak, tabla and vocal gurus (Maharaji, Mataji and Guruji), two legendary Kathak gurus who were still teaching at the Kendra when she first studied there (Shambhu Maharaji and Sunder Prasadji), to her guru sister Saswati Sen, and to four American Kathak dancers who studied in India in the 1950’s and 1960’s, Janaki shares a few memories.
Pandit Birju Maharaj, photographer Thomas Haar
Pandit Birju Maharaj
Mataji Siddeswari Devi
Vidushi Siddeswari Devi
Sri Purushottam Das, photographer Gina Lalli
Sri Purushottam Das
Shambhu Maharaj as Krishna, Natwar.  Photo from Mohan Khokar's article in the November 7, 1971 Illustrated Weekly of India
Shambu Maharaj
Sunder Prasad, photo from Sunil Kothari's book KATHAK, p.53
Sunder Prasad
Gina Lalli, photographer Henry Levy
Gina Lalli
Nala Najan, photographer Marcus Blechman
Nala Najan
Shala & Raja, photographer Albert Goldman
Shala & Raja
Saswati Sen
Saswati Sen